8 Compelling Reasons to Purchase Marijuana from a Dispensary Instead of a Dealer 

Let’s face it. The illegal marijuana market is not going away anytime soon, despite California’s legalization of medical marijuana. Black market operations persist even in California, the state with the largest legal marijuana market globally, where the drug is legal for all adults. 

You can choose where to buy your medication if you have a medical marijuana card in California. You have the option of continuing to buy marijuana from a local dealer or purchasing it legally from a dispensary licensed by the state of California. 

Purchasing your medication at a dispensary makes a lot of sense, not only because it’s legal and can save your life, but also because there are several other excellent reasons that you should know about. 

Let’s get into it.

  1. Recreational Marijuana Remains Illegal with Severe Penalties

Although it should go without saying, it doesn’t hurt to clarify exactly what is at risk. 

There was no mention of genuinely legalizing marijuana in California in the ballot initiative that California voters approved with Amendment 2. A medical marijuana card from a licensed MMJ doctor can keep you out of jail, but it also has restrictions on where, how much, and how you can buy and transport marijuana. 

It’s not a universal “get out of jail free” pass. Even if you are not breaking the law, possessing a controlled substance can still result in an arrest, legal action, fines, and even jail time. If you are found guilty of this charge, you will always be considered a criminal, regardless of the sentence. 

What precisely is at risk, and is it worth it? 

You become a felon if you are found guilty of possessing more marijuana than what the state’s medical marijuana laws allow. A $5,000 fine and a maximum five-year prison sentence are the penalties for this offense. Additionally, if you are found within 1,000 feet of a park, school, college, or other designated areas, you could face a mind-numbing 15 years in prison and a $10,000 maximum fine. 

Legal fees are not included in that price and can be much higher. Additionally, you run the risk of losing your driver’s license, which would drastically lower your employability and future earning potential. 

Ultimately, the risk is just too great. You should simply relocate to a state where marijuana is legal if you are forced to purchase it on the black market. 

  1. Purchasing Illegal Marijuana Supports Criminal Activity

If marijuana on the black market is illegal, then purchasing marijuana on the black market essentially encourages violent crimes. Certain products may originate from small local growers, but others may come from a cartel whose hands are stained with blood. You might be aiding these horrible offenders by purchasing illegal marijuana.

  1. Illegal Marijuana Harms the Environment

Western states like California produce the majority of the illegal marijuana that is sold on the market. Illegal growers frequently have no regard for the environment and use pesticides and herbicides that are so toxic to it that a grown bear can be killed by a teaspoon of the stuff, in contrast to legal growers who follow strict regulations. A portion of these substances find their way into rivers and groundwater, where they harm both people and the environment. 

Purchasing marijuana illegally may lead to the support of bad habits. 

  1. Purchasing from a Dispensary Supports Our Economy

Purchasing marijuana on the black market may involve sending money to drug lords in Central and South America, both within and outside of your state. The massive sucking noise represents millions of dollars draining from the state’s economy. In contrast, purchasing from a dispensary can support the growth of our neighborhood businesses and, consequently, our communities. 

To purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary will require a medical marijuana card. If you don’t have one then you can search for a medical marijuana card near me and get your recommendation from the best licensed marijuana doctors. 

  1. Supporting Dispensaries Helps Enhance and Sustain the Program

Illegal marijuana purchases undermine the case for legalization and make it more difficult for activists to sway future cannabis policy changes. The case for the program’s benefits grows with the number of patients who purchase their medication from a licensed dispensary. 

  1. Purchasing from a Dispensary Significantly Reduces Health Risks

In the same way that many illicit growers are not legally obligated to use safe pesticides and herbicides, they are also not legally obligated to guarantee that the product they sell is safe to eat. 

However, all goods offered for sale at authorized dispensaries have to be produced by the stringent guidelines we previously stated. This entails conducting laboratory tests to ensure that the batch is devoid of impurities, poisons, molds, and other things. 

You may be thinking that since some people have been using marijuana illegally for decades, this is not that big of a problem. However, the long-term health consequences of ingesting these biological and chemical toxins can be subtle and slowly manifest. 

Consider the recent spate of severe lung injuries and even fatalities brought on by illicit vape cartridges as proof of the dangerous nature of cannabis products. 

  1. Dispensary Purchases Offer a Wider Array of Options

It is extremely uncommon to locate a cannabis dealer who provides a wide range of safe and premium strains, edibles, oils, tinctures, vape pens, and capsules. Your local dealer may have a few different cannabis strains and possibly a few different types of products, like cartridges. Even less likely, they are to be familiar with the products’ formulation and potency. 

The amount of THC and CBD in your medication is known when you buy it from a dispensary. Additionally, you frequently have access to a variety of strains, including high-CBD/low-THC strains and vice versa.

  1. Dispensary Purchases Come with Expert Guidance

Salespeople at dispensaries, known as “budtenders,” are expected to possess extensive knowledge regarding the applications and potencies of cannabis strains and products. Although you can ask your dealer to get you something that won’t put you to sleep, can they truly promise that? 

It is far more dangerous for dispensaries to advise than it is for dealers. If a dispensary provides incorrect guidance or produces a product that falls short of expectations, it runs the risk of both negative publicity and clientele loss, as well as possible legal issues.

With any luck, the seven reasons listed here will be sufficient to motivate you to look for a reliable medical marijuana dispensary. To ensure its success, safeguard public health, preserve the environment, and lower violent crime rates, we all need your help. 

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