Elise Finch Cause of Death: Who Was Elise Finch Husband, Daughter & More

In the aftermath of the recent death of Elise Finch at the age of 51, a tsunami of mourning sweeps across the hearts of all those who knew her, as well as those affected with her passion for work. Finch is a legend for her significant contribution to meteorology and lively television presence CBS New York, leaves her legacy rich with personal and professional achievements. This article delved into Elise Finch’s life Elise Finch, her marital journey with Graig Henriques and her profound impact both in her professional and in her personal life.

Is Elise Finch Married?

The debate over Elise Finch’s marital status tells an inspiring story of love, friendship and shared dreams. Elise Finch and Graig Henriques were married in a celebration brimming with happiness and love, as well as the prospect of a long-lasting future together on the 23rd of August 2013. The union was not only an expression of their love, but it also symbolized their devotion to each other and the shared values. The couple’s bond was defined by respect for each other and unwavering support. an understanding of each other which was the basis of their relationship.

Wedding day for the couple was not only of their love, but also Finch’s contributions to her community and her important contribution to journalism. Finch was well-known for her commitment to making an impact on society, found an ally in Henriques. Henriques is a skilled photographer at WCBS had a strong relationship with Finch as they drew energy and strength from her steadfast support. Together, they negotiated life’s obstacles, celebrated achievements and formed an extended family. They welcomed the daughter of their marriage, Grace, into the world. Their journey together exemplified the true essence of a marriage founded on respect, love and shared goals.

Who was Elise Finch Married to?

Graig Henriques who was Elise Finch’s husband, is an important figure in the story of her life. As a photographer at WCBS, Henriques shared a profound, intimate bond with Finch and was marked by their the mutual support they shared and their aspirations. Their wedding was the culmination of their love and was marked by the joyous celebration of their wedding and the lives they shared following the wedding. Their relationship was further enhanced by the birth of their daughter Grace who brought immense happiness and love to their lives.

Henriques His contribution to Finch’s life went beyond the role of a spouse He was a source of support and encouragement that allowed Finch in her pursuit of interests and excel professionally. Their partnership was a testimony to the value of partnership that is supportive, where both parties benefit from mutual support and values. Henriques and Finch’s life together was an encouragement to many, and demonstrated the power and beauty of the bond of a loving relationship.

Who is Elise Finch?

Elise Finch’s career as meteorologist for CBS New York is marked by her outstanding contributions to meteorology, and her commitment towards her local community. After joining WCBS as a meteorologist on weekends in 2007 Finch immediately established herself as a prominent meteorologist, recognized for her accuracy dedication and ability to communicate with viewers. Her work was rewarded with several Emmy Awards, underscoring her quality and contribution to meteorology.

The meteorologist’s enthusiasm is evident from every prediction she issued and provided viewers with the essential information required to navigate through various weather conditions with confidence.¬†Beyond her professional accomplishments, Finch was remembered for her generosity, dedication to making a difference and the lasting legacy she left behind.¬†Her death is a huge loss to the meteorological field and to all those lucky enough to meet her or profit from her efforts.


Elise Finch’s professional and personal life were marked by commitment, excellence to her work, and a dedication to helping others. Her wedding to Graig Henriques and their journey together, that was marked by the love of their families, friendship and shared values is a testament to the personal power behind her professional accomplishments. The legacy left by Finch is a testimony to her influence on the field and in the heart of those she touched.

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