Litzareli Madrigal and Alondra Poullet, Who is Litzareli Madrigal? The Viral Controversy


The world of digital media was recently witness to a scandal that quickly grew out of control, and involved TikTok the user Jackie La Bonita and two people who were who were identified as Litzareli Madrigal and Alondra Pullet. The incident occurred during an Houston Astros game, where Jackie La Bonita recorded a video of her being mocked by both Madrigal and Poullet. The video went viral, racking up more than 20 million views across different websites, but it also caused widespread criticism of the behavior of the bullies. The backlash was adversity and netizens began to investigate details about the identity of two females which in turn had an impact on The J. Beard Real Estate Company due to the alleged connection with Madrigal.

The Spark of the Incident

Jackie La Bonita’s video that she captioned as an incident that significantly affected her confidence, depicts her taking photos with her friends, only to be snubbed behind her by the duo of Madrigal and Poullet. The video captured two women engaged in a manner that was widely regarded as unprofessional, such as making their tongues stick out and making insulting gestures. The act of bullying was not well-liked by the online community, which led to a determined effort to track down and hold those responsible accountable. This incident highlights the potential of social media in increasing personal stories, transforming what was a seemingly isolated incident into a huge public outcry.

Litzareli Madrigal’s Apology

Of the two suspects, Litzareli Madrigal was the only person to address the issue. In a post on her personal social media accounts Madrigal offered an apology and sincere thanks to Jackie La Bonita. She expressed her regrets for her actions and acknowledged the hurt and disdain caused by them. Madrigal’s words were intended to express her appreciation for the severity of her actions and her determination to rectify the situation. In addition, she tried to justify her actions, stating that she was “violated and disrespected” by unintentional cameraman, which led to her reactionary behaviour. Madrigal’s apology clarified that The J. Beard Real Estate Company, which was where she was believed to have been employed was not involved in the incident. She also urged people not to consider the company to be responsible for her actions.

Impact on J. Beard Real Estate

Following the scandal was The J. Beard Real Estate Company caught in the middle of public anger. Despite Madrigal’s assurance that the company wasn’t involved, it was hit with negative reviews and a backlash due to the assumption of her involvement with the company. This incident highlights the difficulties that businesses face in this day of social media and how associations, no matter how true or not, could result in immediate and unjustified reputational harm. This incident is an illustration of the speed at which false information can be spread to affect companies who aren’t directly involved in a controversy.

Jackie La Bonita’s Silence

The controversy erupted, but Jackie La Bonita chose to stay silent about Madrigal’s apology to the public. Her first video was already sparking a major debate on the internet regarding bullying and its effect on people. The issue is that La Bonita has not acknowledged the apology could be a sign of a desire to move over the incident or think about her response with care. Her silence further underscores the difficulty of online interactions as well as the individual nature of choosing what and when to interact with those who caused harm.

Reflections on Digital Behavior

This incident highlights the larger implications of our behaviour in online spaces. The quick diffusion of the video and the outrage it caused reveal the increased awareness of online communities towards concerns of bullying and disdain. It is an example of the long-lasting effect that seemingly insignificant behaviors can bring on people and companies alike. Furthermore, the debate prompts an examination of the processes for accountability in the age of digital and also the ways to reconcile and understanding in the wake of public disagreements.

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