Simon Guobadia Net Worth 2024 (Updated) Biography, Age, Wife, Early Life & More

Simon Guobadia has emerged as an integral figure in both entertainment and business sectors in the US. Born June 2, 1964 in Georgia USA and raised in Nigeria he has transformed from an accounting student into an ambitious and versatile entrepreneur with an estimated net worth estimated by 2024 of around $40 Million spanning from oil industry activities to reality TV world activities and makes for an intriguing individual who holds great fascination among many people.

Who is Simon Guobadia?

Simon Guobadia’s path beginning with his childhood in Nigeria in the country where he was taught in Loyola College Ibadan, to earning a bachelor’s qualification in accounting at the University of the District of Columbia in 1993, is the foundation of a person committed to achieving his goals. His entrance into the world of business was characterized by his position as a tax professional that ultimately led to his founding of SIMCOL Petroleum Limited Company in 2007. The venture not only consolidated his position as a successful entrepreneur, but also laid the foundation to his entry into the entertainment sector by becoming an executive producer.

The Path to Fame

Guobadia’s private life, and particularly his relationships, have thrust him into the spotlight and has marked a major chapter in his path to fame. His marriage with Porsha Williams, who is a prominent character in the show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” attracted a lot of media attention. It also entangled his accomplishments in business and high-profile personal issues. The relationship that followed his divorce and divorce from Falynn Guobadia, reveals the complexity and intrigue of his life. This makes his story a source of fascination for the general public.

A Diverse Career

Guobadia’s work in the field highlights his remarkable capability to diversify. As the director at SIMCOL Petroleum, he has achieved notable progress in the oil and gas industry. However, his passions and accomplishments don’t stop there. His position as an executive producer on a variety of films is an interesting entry into the entertainment business. Additionally, his foray into the restaurant industry with Simon’s Restaurant, although short-lived due to the outbreak, illustrates his enthusiasm to look at different avenues for business.

Personal Life Spotlight

The lens of Guobadia’s private life shows the man whose relationships as well as family dynamics resonate with a lot of. There are five kids from weddings and a well-publicized marriage to Porsha Williams His life off the stage of business is just equally compelling as his professional endeavors. His announcement about his wedding to Williams specifically, highlighted the connection between his public and private personas which contributed to his standing as a person of interest in the world of reality TV.

Simon Guobadia Net Worth and Social Media Presence

With an estimated net worth of $40 Million in 2024. Guobadia’s financial prosperity is an indication of his entrepreneurial skills and business spirit. His constant engagement on platforms, such as Instagram which he interacts with more than half a million people is a reflection of his influence and extends beyond the boundaries of his professional activities. Social media engagement lets him share various aspects of his personal life and work and further cementing his status as an important public persona.

Simon Guobadia Age, Height & Weight: Reflection of His Commanding Presence

Simon Guobadia’s physical characteristics represent a man with notable size, which is in line with his prominent presence in both the entertainment and business industries. As a 59-year-old at the time of 2024 Guobadia is a formidable 5 feet 11 inches, showing his presence as impressive as his professional accomplishments. His weight, which is recorded at 60 kilograms, is in line with his height, giving an image that is impressive and poised.


Simon Guobadia’s path from college student from Nigeria to an entrepreneur of renown and reality TV star on his native United States is a narrative of determination, flexibility, and perseverance. His diverse professional background as well as his enthralling personal life, make him an important figure with attention and influence. In his quest to navigate the world of entertainment and business Guobadia’s tale remains an enthralling testimony to the varied routes to success.

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